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Wedding Weight Loss Ideas

You're engaged! YAY! Now, time to go wedding dress shopping! This should be the MOST exciting time of your life. However, this can be hard. First, because wedding dress sizes are WAY off. Oh, you normally wear a size 10? Cool, try to squeeze into a size 16 wedding about a confidence killer. When I got engaged I was a size 16, so I knew I had to go somewhere that offered plus size options and I knew I would be stuck paying the "Plus Size Tax" and it really limited my options.

After purchasing my dress, (yes, I had to pay $100 extra because it was "plus size") I looked at myself in the pictures and thought, "This isn't how I want to look on my wedding day." Now, let me say a couple of things, 1) I have always been very body positive and confident. I never struggled with self esteem, but I had let myself get bigger than I meant to (I gained allll the happy dating weight) and I didn't feel like myself. 2) I don't think that being "plus size" is bad. It's not. Most of the fitness and nutrition models that I follow are far from "tiny" and don't want to be. BUT, I was not "healthy" in any way, shape, or form. I literally ate and drank whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted! This is a change I chose to make on my own and for myself.

Here are a few ideas to help you get to your goal!


Set them and be a realistic. You know what your schedule and budget can handle. Be real with yourself on what is actually possible and make a plan. If you don't make a plan, you will not succeed. It's that simple. Buy yourself a pretty notebook, decide on a goal weight/number, chose a diet, and dive in. This isn't easy, so don't expect it all to work out on it's own. You have to put it in the time and work!


Okay, I am sure you have seen this all over the internet. Two years ago this was ALL the rage and I jumped on that bandwagon. I lost all of my weight (60 pounds in 6 months) doing Keto. I did minimal workouts and stayed REALLY focused. I lived and breathed keto. I tracked all of my food on an app called "Carb Manager" and did all of my research on google. I loved it and I think it is a great way to kickstart weight loss. There ARE healthy ways to do this (it's not all baconators, people) and I

am glad that I did it because without that kickstart and fast transition, I doubt I would have stuck to it (I'm an instant gratification kind of girl). This was great for my first 6 months into my fitness journey- however, it just simply isn't something I want to do anymore. It did teach me a LOT about limiting sugar and eating healthy carbs though. I now follow a calorie deficit diet and try to split my macros as follows: Carbs: 50% Protein: 30% Fat: 20% and I work out pretty much every day!


My advice? Find a boutique gym you love. These get a bad rep because they're a little pricey, but honestly I never truly enjoyed working out until I joined one. I chose to do a cycling gym- Cycle Bar! I have also enjoyed running (Couch to 10k running app!), Daily Burn, and Barre Where You Are! Honestly, just get your butt up and do something! It does not have to be perfect! Also, a great option that I did for a few months is Class Pass! This will allow you to try out multiple gyms and find one that works for you! I tried all of the cycling gyms before I found one I loved.

Diet Bet

This is probably my favorite! Diet Bet is a game/website where you can go on and bet (normally around $35) that you will lose 4% of your weight within 4 weeks. I did a couple of these during my journey and it helped me stay accountable AND I won some money!! You can join a game with strangers or you can start your own game with family and friends!


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