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Love what you do. Seriously.

In 2018, I quit my full time job. That job was comfortable and safe and the paycheck came every other week without fail. This jump was a scary one, but GOSH has it been worth it. When I was first getting my feet wet on my own, I never imagined this job would mean as much as it does to me. At first, this job was about pretty pictures, good food, and working with fun vendors. I have to be honest, I did not go into it with the same mindset that I have now.

I have learned that marriage is powerful. That is why people spend THOUSANDS of dollars and guests come from hundreds of miles away to watch two people wed. Marriage is not just a piece of paper to me...not at all. It is the most important and beautiful covenant that two people can enter into. I want to work my entire life to celebrate, encourage, and support people who have decided to go on this journey.

After working with couples for a few years on their perfect day, it's a bit depressing for me the day after their wedding. I have grown to love every single one of my brides and I miss them after! That's why you'll see me at the back "boo-hooing" during their ceremony. These couples become my family. It is truly an honor. Every. Single. Time.

So, you'll see me here. In the back. With grandma's handbag she forgot to put down, a few safety pins, and tears streaming down my face. I love what I do....I am officially a Pinterest quote and I love it.

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