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Brunch Themed Wedding

I AM DYING TO DO MORE BRUNCH WEDDINGS! This was hands down one of my favorite days. We got started EARLY! Like the rental trucks were rolling in with me around 5am....AH! But the end result was soooo worth it.

The brunch themed wedding filled with welcome coffee, a mimosa bar, and doughnuts. For “brunch” the guests were served bacon, egg casserole, and biscuits and gravy. They played games, laughed, and danced through the morning. It was a beautiful day!

I love all of the pictures from this wedding day because it never got dark! They had that early morning glow for the ceremony and full sunlight for the portraits! It was a gorgeous morning and the weather could NOT have been more amazing.

The doughnut bar (Duck Donuts, of course!) were a HIT! I have to say, everything wedding I have done doughnuts at, we always have so many extra. This wedding was different! The guests absolutely loved them and seconds were encouraged.

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